How toTake care of your Doodle’s Coat


2015-04-26 20.19.20Having a dog that does not shed, means having a dog that needs groomed!

Making a time to brush your dog is important.  Start when they are young to play with their ears, paws, face and tail.  Find something that makes noise and vibrates and let them experience that- like an electric toothbrush.  All of these things will make your dogs experience at the groomers a much more pleasant one!

We suggest getting the correct brush and also a metal tooth comb.  The brush we recommend is The Pro Brush.  It has some flexability, which is good for your wrist.  The two sides are different from each other, and serve you differently as well.  Start brushing your puppy when you first get it.  Make a habit of brushing once a week.  The metal tooth comb is used to make sure you are brushing down to the skin.  It should glide through the coat.  We sale this coat in the single width, as shown below.  Also the double width, to make grooming an adult dogs body much quicker!

Pro Brush


We have found finding a groomer not always an easy task.  Look for a groomer that you feel good leaving your puppy in there care!  Ask for references.  Also, find a groomer that listens to you!!!  They should groom your dog as you ask.  Not as they professionally feel it should be done.  More groomers than not, do not know how to cut an Australian Labradoodle.  They cut like the dog is a poodle.  It is more of a cut like a waterdog.

The organization that we register our dogs through, The American Australian Labradoodle Association has recently put out a booklet on how to groom an Australian Labradoodle.  We highly recommend sharing this with your groomer and understanding it yourself!

We hope you will make grooming a pleasant time for your doodle!