Ode To Gretchen 2

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This is Walkabout Woods Fetchen’ Gretchen.  Today I would like to honor this little Australian Labradoodle by sharing a little bit about her.

Gretchen was born near Bellingham, Washington.  She lived there, in Missoula, Montana and then here, at Pine Lodge.

Gretchen has her favorite spots to sit or lay.

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She has a good sense of humor.

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She loves to be the first one to bed and that is sleeping in a crate.  I think it makes her feel cozy and warm.

She loves car rides.

She does not know any great tricks, but is naturally well behaved.  When she’s excited or wants attention, she sits up on her back legs and waves her front legs up and down.  It’s very cute!  If I wanted to make her do this… she never will.  It’s just her little communication.

Her best friend and her worst friend is Milly.  Milly is actually a niece of hers.  Just bossy.


This little girl, weighing all of 18 pounds, loves the out doors…. as long as we are not far away!  She loves to snoop and hunt.

Gretchen has given us two lovely litters of puppies.  She is now retired.  Today she left with her new mama,…. snif, snif….who will love her very much.  It’s not easy to say goodbye to such a sweet friend.  Even when you know she will be well loved and cared for.  Gretch will be living in one of those cute houses in San Francisco.  She’s always dreamed of a warmer climate, and now her dream has come true.

We wish you a happy life Gretchen.  We hope you will make Marion a wonderful pet and companion.  You are one of the best!


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