We bought Rawley from you almost 2 years ago and I’m not one to gush complements and carry on with superlatives – I leave that task to my wife.

Prior to getting Rawley I raised Great Danes and had Labs for 20 years. The Labs were great dogs – the Danes well ………they were big.

Rawley has exceeded our expectations so much that I’m at a loss for adjectives to describe him. He’s a beautiful dog, but it’s his intelligence, intuitiveness and ability to relate to humans that distinguishes him.

I’ve completed most of his obedience training with the help of a web site I highly recommend – Leerburg.com; but in reality Rawley has trained me. He quickly learned basic obedience and knows maybe 20-30 various cute tricks as well as responds to hand signals. But more importantly Rawley senses our moods and responds by affectionately crawling into our laps, gives us kisses or quietly sits at our feet at just the right times.

He’s my traveling companion going with me almost everywhere ……. be it to have our car serviced, the neighborhood restaurant (outside dining) or an afternoon on the river. Being retired Rawley has quite simply become my best friend.

In closing thanks for breeding a remarkable canine and continued success with your Labradoodles.

Warmest regards,