rex_1230a rex_1230bOur little man was SHOCKED to say the least on Christmas. It was a wonderful memory.

We took Rex to the vet yesterday and the vet was very impressed with your documentation. He did have a healthy checkup, but had an allergic reaction to one of the vaccines that protects against parasites from deer/fox/wild game that the state of GA recommends for active dogs. So we had to go back for him to get an antihistamine and steroid. Today he’s hyper and back to normal – thank goodness!! Did he have any reactions like this that you recall???

In the next email I will send a couple of pictures from my phone. We are so thrilled with Rex – he is well socialized and happy! He’s doing great with the house-training too! We can’t get far walking him without someone stopping us to say how perfect he is – and we agree!!

I would like to get some of those treats you sent – we are almost out and he loves them!!

Happy New Year,