Hello Connie!

I wanted to give you an update on Scout. He is doing fantastic! He is an amazing dog and was an instant fit into our family. It is adorable how he ‘gallops’ after my son when they are playing. He tested out of his obedience class after the 2nd week 😉 I was blessed to be able to find a local dog walker to come during lunch and take Scout out for a nice long walk every day while I am at work. We both get stopped to ask about Scout as he presents himself so well and is just the right size. We couldn’t be any happier and I am thankful that I made the decision to add him to our family. We had lots of company since he came to our house and nobody can believe that at the time he was only 6 months old because he is so obedient and acts like he is much older. Of course now that he is comfy he enjoys taking my son’s toys as his own. Scout also loves to chase wiffle balls around the house 😉 Here are a few pics of Scout:


scout_0208a scout_0208b scout_0208c scout_0208d scout_0208e scout_0208f