Service Dog 4


Dogs have been used by man for centuries.  They’ve helped us do our work.  They have comforted us.  Helped us find things.  They have served as service dogs.


In this video, two sisters tell you about their dog.  Mazy is a service dog.  I won’t spoil the movie by telling you what her job is… you’ll have to find that out by watching the movie 🙂


I apologize for the poor sound.  You might have to be in a quiet room to hear it 🙂


Scharae will also be telling you about her plans for a new app!  Kids these days are amazing!


4 thoughts on “Service Dog

  • TootlesName

    Your message…Dear Mazy, I am your Grantsun Tootles pixie is my sweet Mother i am a hulpdog for two people one of them is a girl from 12 years when i feel she is upsaid i go to het and give het many hugs en liks so she is happy again.and i am a very good shoper getting things that the mama of the girl evelijn needs.

    • Keira & Scharae

      Dear Tootles,

      Tootles must be much like Mazy because she also is happy to make us feel better when we are sad or our feelings are too big for us. But Mom would say Mazy is not so good at helping her to get things. Tootles must be trained very good for your family!

      Keira & Scharae

  • Miriam

    Hi Mazy

    It’s amazing what you do for your two girls! Your daughter Pixie lives with us. She is as sweet as you are. A real cuddler and comforter. And did you know that you are the grandmother of 6 service dogs /puppies! It is no wonder these dogs are so much loved and are doing such a good job with you as their grandmother! Can you please give your family a big hug for us?

    Lot of love from Pixie and the other doodles and our family!!

    • Keira & Scharae

      Hi Miriam,

      We didn’t know Mazy had so many grand puppies for service dogs in the Netherlands! It sounds like Pixie is a lot the same as Mazy. Mom has showed us pictures of her and I think they would love to play together. Have a great day!

      Keira & Scharae

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