shredder_1229cHello Connie,

I wanted to update you on all the wonderful stuff going on in our Home. First off we have very happy happy Children… The puppy was such a big surprise. We pulled it off and the Christmas day arrival of Shredder ‘ puff was so great. They love Him! He is such a good boy!

I took him to the Vet today.. All was good with him his new vet found him in perfect health. I have him in puppy in training mode… He goes potty outside already…. wow he is a quick learner…working on how he likes to walk on a leash… I have the next few months of very busyness but I’m ready.

I am so happy he found his way to our Family….. Hope you like the pictures. Santa sent our puppy with his tag on and it Said Shredder…when my son Robert saw him he said no no no his name is Shredder Puff Innes Santa has to send us a new tag… So now that is his Name … and I think it suits him just fine…

Hope all is well and I hope you have a Wonderful New Year 2010

Friendship always,

shredder_1229a shredder_1229d shredder_1229b