Tasey’s Puppy Having a Wonderful Day! 4

Tasey’s puppies are now 7 weeks old.  How do you describe a 7 week old p uppy?

  • Short Attention Span
  • Respect the leader of the pack
  • Eager to Learn
  • Things learned are sticking, and will be harder to change
  • Temperament and personality will become more apparent
  • Puppy will be transitioning his education from his mother to his human environment

The puppies are so much fun to watch interact and play.   We made another video of the cute little guys and you might be wondering why I always have my husband in the video.  If I don’t have another human target for them to climb and give attention and doggy kisses to, they attack me, and all you will see are my feet and the puppies- not near as interesting of a video!

We hope you enjoy the puppies having a “Wonderful Day!”  (Sorry for all the wind noise in the background..)

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