Hello Connie,

Our adorable and loving puppy (Sierra Rose and Chase’s boy), will be one year old in just a few days! He is all grown up and really a big boy now… About 17-18 pounds, lean and FAST! He lives to really run, but even more he “bounds” in great leaps to cover more distance!

He had some fun with his best Westie pal, Sami Too, at Del Mar Beach last week. Dogs run free and do they ever run… Splashing in the waves, chasing sea birds, making new friends with other dogs, kids, people, whomever! Everyone and everything is the best in Teddy’s world. He dances and prances and has no doubt he is the best of all!

We hope you are all fine at Rivermistlabradoodles. Everyone who meets Teddy says he is gorgeous and sweet.

Thank you for our great dog!

Nina and Dan