Tika is doing well. She was pretty mellow for the first couple of days, maybe the new surroundings and missing all the other pups etc. However, now she is quite playfull & crazy (in a fun way) at times. She calms dawn very quickly and is still calm most of the day – which is nice, but if you play with her she is a ball of energy.

Tika is scary smart, and after just 5 days she is almost 100% crate trained. In the beginning she would yip & howl for about 5-10 minutes, but now almost none. She knows her name and she now comes on command. She also now will sit on command (if she is not too excited) and she is also leash trained. Not quite house broken yet – but we are working on that one.

My last dog was a yellow Lab which I loved. She hated to be picked up – she just could not stand not having all 4 feet on the ground. Tika loves to be held – which is wonderful. She just goes limp and really enjoys being held. My son Tyler walks around the house with Tika on his shoulder, and Tika sits in my lap while I’m in my office at the computer.

All is well. Dave