Visit to the Vet

Today was a vet visit day.  The vet is not exactly the girls’ favorite place to go, but they do cooperate.

Lovie had an appointment.  She is in season so I took her in to have her blood drawn.  It is routine to have a brucelosis test with breeding dogs.  Brucelosis can be transferred in the environment from other wild animals, so as a precaution, that test is run.  She also had a  progesterone test done.  This test tells where she is at and when will be the best day to breed.  We found out Lovie is very early in her cycle.  Perhaps this weekend, but probably the beginning of next week Lovie will have a date with Kokanee.


A very round Jodie also went it.  Jodie is due to have her puppies on Sunday, May 20th.  She had an ultra sound done several weeks back and the vet was able to determine that not only was she pregnant, but that she had 6 puppies!  My concern was that it all still looked ok and was she really having 6 puppies???  It seems like most of the time these puppies come in the middle of the night.  I didn’t want to be keeping myself up for puppy number 6, if she was only having 5!  So at this age, a girl can be xrayed and the bones of the puppies are calcified enough that they show up fairly clearly on the xray.  And here is what they saw: (click the xray to enlarge)

The vet drew red along the puppies spines and a circle at the skull.  I am so happy to announce that there are the same number of skulls and spines!  We are looking at delivering 6 puppies around May 20th!  We have room for one more reservation!