Where We Go Wednesday- The Doggy Groomers!

Today we would like to share with you our latest trip to the groomers.

There are many good groomers out there.  Finding one you feel works for you is the key.  I would start by asking other labradoodle owners where they go and what they like and don’t like about their groomer.

We have a terrific groomer.  This is Amy talking to Mazy.

Mazy having a conversation with Amy, her groomer.


Mazy told Amy she was not quite ready for her summer hair do yet.  She wanted it left kind of long, with beachy curls.  She does like her tummy shaved, under arms and under her ears.  She wanted to keep her youthful look with her eye’s being hidden in her curly locks…

Mazy started like this….

Mazy before she was groomed.

And after she was groomed she looked like this…

Mazy after she was all groomed.

Notice the very chic Easter egg scarf?  Amy suggested it to finish off her new look.

Georgia Peaches also went for a day at the doggy spa…a.k.a. the groomers.  She enjoyed soaking in the bubble bath and getting both a pedicure and a manicure.  Her puppies are 6 weeks old and she feels she needed a big change with her hair!  She had quite a bit of hair falling out, due to hormones and had some big matts.

“Take it short Amy!” she told her groomer.  “I want to be ready for that warm summer sunshine, and I don’t want to be fussing about my hair while I lounge on my doggy lounger by the pool!”  (The pool is only a kiddy pool, but Georgia does like to think she lives the good life….)

Georgia started out like this….

Georgia before being groomed.

Remember she is matted, even though you cannot see it.  Amy took her WAY down.  We will spare you her full body shot, post whelping and nursing.  Here she is after her grooming.

Georgia all groomed.

Georgia is also sporting a lovely Easter scarf.

The girls had a good day with Amy.  They feel good about their new looks, but both girls are exhausted!

One exhausted, beautiful Australian Labradoodle!


And an exhausted Mazy Doodle.

The girls recommend this guide, for sharing with your new groomer, so that you can get the look you want.

And that’s if for where we go this Wednesday!