Willows’ Puppies Big Day

Willow’s puppies are such a delight to have around.  They are playful and sweet, and not too noisy.  Every now and them one of them has to make some snarling sound or a little bark.  They are just a great little litter.

This weekend the puppies begin to head for their forever homes.  It is hard to believe they will be 8 weeks old!

We strive to bring families not only beautiful puppies, but healthy, happy puppies.  We take every care we can to do this.  Each puppy comes with their first two vaccinations.  They have a health exam, regular worm medicines, high quality food and a wholesome and clean environment.  Each puppy leaves us with a microchip, a sampling of the food we feed, a toy and a blanket that smells like mama, a personalized Pine Lodge Labradoodle collar and a 2 year genetich health guarantee.

Each puppy also leaves Pine Lodge either spayed or neutered, unless they are reserved for breeding.  And today Willow’s puppies went to the vet and were spayed and neutered.  Of course the families want to know how their puppies are doing, so we always make a video 🙂

In the video, it is hard to tell who is who, so we have little scarves on the puppies.  The black scarf is on Beech, green on Cypress, white on Oak, Purple on Lilac (it kind of looks navy), brown is on Birch and the Pink is on Pine.

Hope you enjoy the show!