Words From the Wise

The second best thing about being a dog breeder is the people I get to meet.  Of course the first thing is the wonderful dogs!  But I really, really enjoy the people I meet over the internet, on the phone or in person.  And I learn so much!  Let me share with you what I learned this week, from people who came to meet my puppies:

After spending some time and introducing all the various puppies to Sydney, I asked her what she thought.  Which puppies she liked the best.  She said, “The soft and squishy ones.”  Sydney is 4 years old.  She has very good taste…. she liked the youngest ones.

Cate and her family came over also to the Pine Lodge.  They got the “grand tour.”  Right now we have 4 litters of puppies.  We started with some of my regular “followers”, Sydney, O My, Annie and Mazy.  Then we went to the nursery and saw Sydney’s puppies, then Judy’s.  Last we went upstairs and saw O My’s pups.  Cate looks at me and said, ” I’ll bet if you are ever sad, you just go and look at your puppies, and you feel all better.  You must always feel happy.”

And Cate about has it down!  Puppies and dogs do make me feel happy.  It is a proven and a truly amazing concept, but a dog can bring such joy and peace to a person’s life.

By the way, Cate is around 8 or 9 years old.  I am so grateful for these wise people that come into my life and teach and help me remember the important things in life.